Our Privacy Policy

We collect certain personal information, including email addresses, during the checkout process and/or in the creation of new accounts for on-line services. In the case of on-line services, email addresses are used as necessarily unique and easy-to-remember primary user identification. They also permit us to send a temporary replacement when you have forgotten your password. Otherwise, we use this information only for purposes of:

  1. ensuring the integrity of online transactions;
  2. determining the version of the software licensed so that it may better be supported; and
  3. enforcing terms of license.

We will not use this information for other purposes. We will not sell your personal information, rent it, or in any way transfer it to third parties. Nor will we use it ourselves for purposes of marketing our products. If we contact you by email or otherwise to make our products known, we will do so using addresses obtained otherwise, not information we have gathered from our check-out, new account or subscription pages.

Credit card information provided in making purchase will be collected, handled and retained by payment processing services only. Lingua Classica itself does not collect or retain credit card information.